Row House

P1 - Tabet, Daniel (D6) - DRKP1 - Tabet, Daniel (D6) - DRKimag2052imag2053imag2056At the very beginning of the design, the initial goal was simply to create the
most efficient and spacious layout for the resident. After the template was
created, a need to contour the building to the site and inhabitants grew. At
first, the geometry took shape in a way to permit the most amount of light to
pass through without becoming overburdening. The second major design
influence came from a large extrusion on the second to third floor which
pushes the façade forward into the garden while recessing the wall that
faces the alley. At last, the garden took shape; revolving around an extremely
shallow pool culminating from the water wall to the west. In juxtaposition,
the eastern wall has a small kitchen garden that leads up to a Socotra tree
with a large shady canopy that covers the wooden bench that surrounds the
pool, creating a beautiful poetic place and idea space.

Daniel Tabet

FIU School of Architecture