IMAG0376_2Daniel Tabet Is a Lebanese American architect stationed in Miami Florida. Before his architectural campaign began he was constantly working with his hands. Among other hobbies skating for a team has led him to wood working and metal fabrication; creating ramps, rails, and other structurally intent objects. This introduction to materials and the method of construction was a stepping stone towards the beginning of his education process. Stemming from that, he moved into an engineering program, working with West Broward to 3D model and CNC mill intricate engine pieces for cargo ships. After this, he started the expedited Architectural program at FIU. Closer to the end of his first year, he’d been granted permission to have his design exhibited in the BEA art gallery of Miami. For a short time after Daniel worked on separate designs and concepts once again being placed in the BEA gallery for his work on affordable housing to maximize use of lot space (within zoning code: R-1 of Miami 21). Later on, he was permitted to showcase his work with the Bake house art complex inside of its main gallery in an attempt to utilize an area of land that was simply occupied by a painted partition. As time progresses, he is continuing to work on different designs. Some of his installations include a remote salon built for F.V. art walk in Ft. Lauderdale. And design layout and construction of the Borscht Film festival in Miami (2015). Most recently, Daniel was selected as the recipient of the 2017 Ratcliffe Research Grant. The grant was awarded for his research into a material sequencing algorithm that analyses loading conditions and creates a skeletal structure to reduce mass and optimize dispersion.Ratcliffe-Nil

Tabet, Däniel Résumé (Clear)

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